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We Can And Want To Help You.

Our Options Are Here. 

We Can Do It All For You, Or We Can Help You Create Your Own!

Roku Direct Publisher Complete TV Channel

We include complete account setup, branding, splash images, banner images, country selection, channel store category selection and submit to Roku for publication. - Video Feed created up to 20 videos. - Search Feed created up to 20 videos. - High-Speed Video Storage included up to 20 videos. * Up to 1,000 Videos can be added at additional cost at anytime. 


Our Ayerswood Presents Emerging Filmmakers TV Channel streams to a Worldwide audience.  This TV Channel has been specifically created to showcase films from new or student filmmakers.  Ayerswood features Short Films, Feature-length Films and Documentaries.  Your film can be included on the Ayerswood TV Channel too! 

Video Feed for Roku Amazon Vimeo

We'll create a comlete Video Feed based on json or mrsss for you depending on the platform that you choose.  Each feed will have the correct and unique 'tags' required by each platform so that there are no run-time video-streaming errors on your TV Channel.

Roku Search Feed Created and Maintained

The search feed is a critical element in the development of your TV Channel, without it your videos cannot be found.  We take care of creating your Search Feed, and getting it successfully validated for your TV Channel.


You Can Advertise on our TV Channels!  We have an ever-expanding repetoire of media content that caters to a wide range of audience interests.  Your advertising can be targeted to geographic areas so that you maximize your investment.  We can also create a video advertisement for you.


We can create video advertisements for you.  Our offer includes one video advertisement created per quarter so that your message stays fresh.  You retain all rights to the video advertisements and they can be used on other platforms as well as our TV Channels.  Additional video formats to suit Instagram or TikTok etc. can be included at no additional charge..

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