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TV Channel Developers streaming to a worlwide audience.


We don't create AI apps, we use them for the benefit of our clients.

Recently, we added AI generated voices to a movie screenplay to make it come alive. The protaginist had his voice cloned, and then with considerable training of the AI voice generative application, his voice came alive and is virtually identical to his human voice. This 'audioplay' can now be presented to directors and producers, to help visualize the movie.

Now, we are also working on generative AI to create video. 

For TV applications, we develop Vimeo Showcases/Collections and TV Channel Apps for Amazon Fire TV platforms, for a Worldwide Audience.
Our complete turnkey channels include a high-speed streaming TV Channel feed and storage of video/film files and images.
Our service includes on-demand updates, maintenance and channel analytics.
Do You Neeed Help To Create Your Own TV Channel?  We Can Help!
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We Create Simple, Clean, Efficient, Responsive, Easy-To-Navigate TV Channels.

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